Cable war or Customer neglect  

The attitude of the people of this city is really getting too crappy..
they put up with anything and everything.. and they don't care about what happens around them.. as long as it is not happening to them..

this is the attitude with most of the people esp. also because the governance is callous and also because there is a huge influx of people from around the state into the city and there is total mismanagement

the cable operator in my area - SR Cable - has been giving us a lot of trouble of sorts...
we have been the cable consumers way back since 1992 when Parsai was the distributor.. who eventually sold it off to SR.
Parsai was a known friend, so things happened smoothly.
SR cable never has been able to maintain proper service quality. People of course are willing to pay money but they do not demand anything in return from the provider.. so whatever they get, they are just satisfied with it.
in my place, this Feb, I got set top box installed - initially it was for free; for the cable war between BTv, SR and one other operator was in full force.. with each of them cutting off the others supply often

apparently over the set top box distribution issue they reached an agreement and now they charge Rs. 1000- per customer for the STB - a grossly over rated figure and an openly looting policy...

Now let me tell you what our need is... we are the few South Indian families that live in Indore and are still keen on maintaining our interest and touch with our traditions and culture and most important - Language - for which TV is the only option today other than reading the newspaper/magazines.
We need thus to get access to the Telugu channels of Zee, E-TV, Maa, or for that matter Sun network. Other than getting the Tamil and Malayalam channels which seem to have a higher penetration and demand, the Telugu channel penetration is very limited... maybe because the demand too is limited????

Probably the need to give customers the right treatment and attention has not yet come into most TierII cities and below.. for you still find local ruffians involved in the operator wars, and in ensuring that the monthly charges are collected from the customers coercingly if not otherwise.
As a result of this behavior, low volume demands like ours for channels which others are not interested in, cause a lot of issues..


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A Mirza  

How about installing a Dish TV. Now with Big TV, Dish TV, Airtel & Sun TV on the field you will get a good deal for watching your fav shows including Telugu.